The iGames LAN Center initiative has officially launched!

After much anticipation and preparation, our suite of services is now live and ready to make an impact. Our launch includes a roster of in-person events you can discover on, all designed to reinvigorate and celebrate the world of LAN gaming. We've also established a specialized Discord community tailor-made for LAN centers, where you can connect, share insights, and collaborate to elevate your operations.

This newly unveiled website is just getting started, and we're committed to constant improvements and updates to better serve your needs.

We understand the toll the Covid pandemic has taken on our industry. That's why our services are designed not just to help LAN centers get back on their feet, but also to support their growth and expansion in these challenging times.

We're excited to embark on this journey with you. Thank you for being part of the iGames LAN Center initiative.


iGames, Global Steam PC Café

The new iGames, Global Steam PC Café program is designed to integrate the Steam gaming platform into various entertainment spaces like internet cafés and school clubs. It provides a library of commercially-licensed games and tools for managing them. Key features include:

  • Instant Library: Access to hundreds of commercial game licenses managed through Steam.
  • Licenses: No need to purchase individual games through a single Steam account per account and share them locally with customers or guests.
  • Local Content Cache: Download games and updates once, allowing local network access without additional bandwidth impact.
  • Full Steam Experience: Offer features like chatting, access to cloud saves, and unlocking Achievements, similar to the home Steam experience.


Our primary aim with this event is to offer you, as a LAN center owner, a weekly opportunity to attract gamers by featuring new or updated games at your establishment. We partner with game developers to elevate the experience at your location by integrating and showcasing their games to your local community. This supplementary value can consist of game licenses, in-game rewards, promotional backing, and a range of additional benefits.


Our Discord server is dedicated to LAN center owners designed to bring together the community, share valuable insights, and foster collaboration in the gaming industry. This server offers a platform for exchanging best practices, discussing emerging trends, and providing support on operational challenges. Additionally, members can benefit from exclusive resources, including a forum to enhance their LAN center's efficiency. Become a part of our flourishing community and remain at the forefront of this constantly changing industry.

We have initiated, a dedicated platform for gamers to discover and engage in various activities at LAN centers. This website serves as a comprehensive resource for the gaming community, providing easy access to information about events that take place at local LAN centers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion among gamers.